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Control the Apple Music app with your keyboard.
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Toggle Play/Pause logo Toggle Play/Pause

Toggle play or pause of current track in Music.

Play logo Play

Play current track in Music.

Pause logo Pause

Pause current track in Music.

Next Track logo Next Track

Skip to the next track in Music.

Previous Track logo Previous Track

Skip to the previous track in Music.

Currently Playing Track logo Currently Playing Track

Get info about currently playing track.

Love Track logo Love Track

Love currently playing track.

Dislike Track logo Dislike Track

Dislike currently playing track.

Add to Library logo Add to Library

Add currently playing track to your library.

Love and Add to Library logo Love and Add to Library

Love and add currently playing track to your library.

Start Playlist logo Start Playlist

Start any of your playlists.

Play Library Track logo Play Library Track

Search and start a track from your library.

Play Library Album logo Play Library Album

Search and start an album from your library.

Rate Track logo Rate Track

Rate currently playing track.


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