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1-Click Confetti

Confetti Gun with just 1 click.


Check your Todoist tasks and quickly create new ones


Start, stop, and save countdown timers, directly in Raycast, with no external dependencies.


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Access Google Drive files.

Raycast Raycast 2,260 Beta

Search and view programming cheatsheets

Switch the active audio device of your mac.

Benjamin von Polheim Benjamin von Polheim 4,949

Keyboard-first HTTP client

Jonathan Giardino

Search Wikipedia articles and view them

Victor Navarro Victor Navarro 5,878

Translate words, or entire sentences, into 26 different languages using DeepL.

Max Schmidt Max Schmidt 7,190

Weather forecast via

Open WhatsApp chats

Victor Navarro Victor Navarro 4,416

Search and open tabs and history in Google Chrome.

Codely Codely 8,382

Access a Bitwarden account. Requires installing the Bitwarden CLI.

Achille Lacoin Achille Lacoin 6,778

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