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1-Click Confetti

Confetti Gun with just 1 click.


Check your Todoist tasks and quickly create new ones


Start, stop, and save countdown timers, directly in Raycast, with no external dependencies.


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Manage bluetooth connections in Raycast

Search for synonyms, antonyms, rhymes and more

Rishab Swift Rishab Swift 3,779

Shows live information about the battery in your Mac!

Interface with the Dash application, allowing users to quickly search through documentation sets.

Find open ports and close them

Create a calendar event using natural language

Search for folders on your Mac

Utilities to work with Tailwind CSS

Victor Navarro Victor Navarro 4,286

Search your bookmarks

Leandro Ardissone Leandro Ardissone 3,605

Controls Amphetamine using Raycast

Gustavo da Silva Gustavo da Silva 1,971

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