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1-Click Confetti

Confetti Gun with just 1 click.


Check your Todoist tasks and quickly create new ones


Start, stop, and save countdown timers, directly in Raycast, with no external dependencies.


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Show your current Defichain vaults, setup in

A Raycast extension built for Bitfinex margin funding

Yukai Huang Yukai Huang New

Explore activities for the city of Mississaugua in Ontario, Canada.

Aayush Aayush New

Track packages (only available in South Korea)

jjhok jjhok New

View your Coinbase Pro portfolio

Control Nature Remo right from Raycast.

Search token pair in

Search for envoyer projects, start new deploys and view recent deployments

View the brazilian first division upcoming games, standings and results.

Willian Ferreira Willian Ferreira New

This extension uses the site which is a free JSON API for hand curated Chuck Norris facts.

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